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Installed on your computer .Net Framework 4.0 (and above).
Which you can download from the site, or go to the page .Net Framework the Microsoft website and download there. If you don't want or can't download .Net Framework, you can use old version of the program Virtual WIFI v4.6, which is to run nothing else required.
Your personal computer must be running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
The Presence Of The Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter
Basically, all the computers since 2008, equipped with this adapter.
Connecting to the Internet

Virtual WIFI is a completely free software which makes your PC or Notebook Windows a virtual router. With Virtual WIFI you can turn your computer into a WIFI hotspot, allowing you with friends to share Internet connection with other computers or mobile devices.

Virtual WIFI turns your PC into a real WIFI router. Thanks to the integrated technology, which is present in Windows 7 or 8+, your computer can create a point WIFI, even at a time when it is connected to another WIFI network.

Our software is the best free virtual router. Virtual WIFI able all the same as those paid. Many programs have money to pay, so that they can provide any functionality, but our software absolutely free. Also reported by users, that Virtual WIFI is more stable version than counterparts.

Virtual WIFI can broadcast any type of Internet connection. Such as, for example, Ethernet, DSL, or even another Wi-Fi network. Our software the software is completely free, so you can share 3G and 4G connections to the Internet.

Yes, it can. This WIFI network is no different from the others. So if your device connects to any other WIFI network, and to the point Virtual Wi-Fi it can connect.

You can use Virtual WIFI on computers that upravleniem Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, and Windows Server 2008 R2 and Server 2012.

Yes, you can. Download the archive with the. bat files. All files to run as administrator.

The content of the archive:
1. Create Virtual Wi-Fi.bat file - To create the hotspots
2. Start Virtual WIFI.bat - to Start the WIFI hotspot
3. Stop Virtual WIFI.bat - to Stop the WIFI hotspot
4. Reload Virtual WIFI.bat - ПReboot the WIFI hotspot


First start the file Create Virtual Wi-Fi.bat it creates a WIFI hotspot. Go in "control Panel" -> "Network and Internet" -> "control Center network and sharing" -> "Change adapter settings". Next right mouse button click on adapter Internet access (byfly, niks, ethernet, 3G modem...) and click Properties. Go to the tab "Access", put a tick "Allow other the Internet this computer" and choose "Wireless connection *2" (Maybe you'll be different be called. Not to be mistaken remember what the adapter was not until the launch of Create Virtual WIFI). If you did everything correctly, the Internet will be your point. Now you can run file Start Virtual WIFI.bat. Now you can connect to the WIFI hotspot. To her to start off I've found Stop Virtual WIFI.bat. Point WIFI VirtualWIFI is called, the password to PASSWORD. If you want to change the name, right-click on the file Create Virtual Wi-Fi.bat, click "Edit" and change what you want.

Looks like setup Virtual WIFI in practice?

We will need a laptop or standard PC with the wireless device, Windows 7/8/8.1/10, and a driver that supports Virtual WIFI. (There is a high probability that you downloaded the wireless adapter driver with Windows Update already has support Virtual WIFI).

If the above conditions are met, then the application home page, data entered in the fields "Name" and "Password" with the appropriate information and press the "Start"button. After executing this command, the system will find new hardware and in device Manager there will be a new virtual network adapter Adapter mini virtual port WiFi Microsoft (Microsoft Virtual WiFi miniport adapter). But, again, this virtual adapter to appear only if we have a wireless network adapter driver has support Virtual WIFI. (Almost all laptops after 2008 have support Virtual WIFI).

Going to "control Panel" –> "control Center network and sharing – > Change adapter settings", will see a new connection Wireless Network Connection 2, which will show the status as no connection. Therefore, the next step will be the launch of the network. This requires the utilities menu, click on "Start"

After that, the network starts, and running a software access point Microsoft Virtual WiFi miniport adapter, you can verify this by going to "control Panel" –> "control Center network and sharing". Since we have already used the Internet connection on Wi-Fi, we find that Windows 7/8/8.1/10 connected to multiple wireless networks. Now other wireless devices can connect to our access point.

If we want to provide Internet access to other Wi-Fi devices that are connected to our software access point, you must go to the tab "control Panel" –> "control Center network and sharing - > Change adapter settings and in properties of connection" through which the laptop receives the Internet (it can be anything: Ethernet, 3G, WiMax, etc.), in the tab "sharing" check the box "Allow other network users to use the Internet connection of this computer", and in the "home network Connection" to specify which network adapter to provide (share) the Internet, in our case it will be Wireless Network Connection 2, which refers to a virtual wireless adapter. а в "Подключение домашней сети" указать, на какой сетевой адаптер предоставить (расшарить) интернет, в нашем случае это будет Wireless Network Connection 2, который относится к виртуальному беспроводному адаптеру.

In the "network Name (SSID)" you must enter a word you want to name your WIFI hotspot. This is the name you search this point in the search for WIFI networks. In the "Password" field you must enter the password to the WIFI hotspot. If you tick "auto connect to the Internet", the program itself will determine where there is Internet. If you tick "Run this program when Windows starts", the program will always be when you turn on your personal computer. In the "Change language" you can choose you favourite language (in this case English or Russian). Also contains the button "Start"/"Stop" by pressing on which either turns on a point, or is disabled.

Also on the second tab you can view all connected to your network users. You can also tick the box to notify you about a new connected user

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